attempt at editing my photography

For a week I’ve been a really useless bum so today I decided to edit some of my photos on Photoshop and I think my fruitless bum is producing for the first time.

Around February, I got to go to Art Fair Manila and I was able to take some shots of some spectators. Instead of  initially just planning to take pictures of the art works themselves, I found it more interesting to take pictures of the people viewing the art.

So this is my original photo without any editing or whatsoever.


And the photo below is the edited version of my photo.

white dude.jpg

I really like how there’s a way to highlight colors and create really magical vibes. Look at how the man’s nose is shining with a pinkish glow now. This bringing out of color really gives the photo life. It’s almost like the old man decided to take some kind of pill and saw more color in his life.

If you’re into editing photography, let me know if you think I over killed it with my editing. That would be really cool and appreciated.

Here are my other photos that have been edited as well!




I think I’m going to start editing my photos all the time now.




a whole lot of women empowerment in a coffee shop

Today was quite an eventful day.

For the first time since last week, I finally got out of my bed and walked on actual ground. I used my feet to go to an actual event with real people. I don’t usually do that. 

Just a couple of streets away from the red light district, in a corner coffee shop filled with a variety of hipsters, was a spoken word event about celebrating womanhood and standing up against the patriarchal and misogynistic culture that we females have to live with everyday. An interesting location considering just how down the block is the epitome of how women are reduced to nothing but objects of fantasy; instead of as actual people.

I paid 250 pesos and was able to support this event about  raising awareness on how women are being treated by our fantastic and ignorant gender counterpart. It was an awareness campaign of how society did not respect women as much as it is supposed to. As a I sipped on the drink (it was good iced coffee, by the way) that came with my entrance fee, I heard stories of different women embracing the pain and trauma that they had to go through for being a woman and then, reminding women that they could rise from the trauma and become even stronger people. Performers shared their personal experiences of rape, abuse, and alienation. It was a time for everyone to show their battle cries of injustice to the world saying that women deserved better.

I resonated with a lot of things that were said. There was so much light finally shed on how society has taught a lot of us, women to be insecure and afraid of being ourselves because we weren’t born men or that we didn’t live up to society’s standards of what a woman should be. It’s such a sad thought that a lot of people still don’t realize how much of a negative impact it is for a woman to live through these judgement and criticism all their lives.

Tonight was a night that exposed the horrible reality of women are still seen as lower class citizens in this world that we share. Rape culture, for example, is still existent and is something that many still treat as a joke. Even our future president of the Philippines made a rape joke during his presidential campaign and his supporters just laughed it off with some going as far to even defending him. What’s amazingly not surprising  (at all) is how the majority of the Philippines still voted for this abomination to lead our country despite his capability to talk about women without an ounce of respect. What’s new, Pilipinas?

I mean, come on, we had a womanizer become our president before. Now, we could have a president who publicly harasses women  on television. Great stuff. See, that’s exactly the problem with our society. A lot of people think that feminism is not a big deal or like “oh dear, here comes the “femi-nazi” bitches with their butt-hurt comments of misogyny and equality boohoo” and then continues to scroll on 9-gag for more sexist memes. Well, it’s pretty evident, pal, how women are treated as second rate citizens and the only reason why you don’t “get it” is because you’re too used to just jacking off to a pretty lady and not thinking of her as like an actual person. And that your ego isn’t going to keep getting fed because some girl just rejected your unpleasantly nasty request about wanting her in your bed. Okay, so even if you don’t masturbate to those weird overly sexual pictures of ladies in front of cars (why are they even wearing bikinis in front of cars) and you’ve never been rejected by a girl, you (if you’re a misogynistic asshole reading this) should always respect women and treat them as your equal.  Hey, we women have opinions and thoughts,  too. Would you be damned to know that we women (also people) actually have feelings and a right to decide for ourselves, too? It’s honestly NOT that fucking hard to understand. The next time you feel like using that “make me a sandwich” joke or call the girl who told you gently that she already had a boyfriend a “bitch” or call someone cat-call someone for wearing a short skirt, please remember that women are people, too. Therefore, you treat them like you would treat your fellow bruh, bruh.

I’m glad that spoken word events like these are happening in my country. We still have a long way to go with all the gross cat-callers, street harassment, entitled perverts, politicians making rape jokes, and abundance of big boobed and brainless women are being represented on media but slowly, we are starting to show signs of progression. The more that people talk about this and celebrate being a woman, the closer we are to getting women’s voices heard. I believe that one day we will all be able to take a stand against this inequality and make the necessary changes for a better world. ☮






hey fam

Good day, my invisible friends, my readers (who are probably spambots who are looking for more site traffic on your virus inducing websites!), and some guy named Peter who probably had nothing better to do than search the tag “religious blog posts”.  Sorry, Peter, this is not actually a religious blog post and I just used that tag to create more traffic in my first blog post. No, I am not a spambot. I have a life (not really) and I am back on WordPress to write about my everyday and agonizing misery that will soon lead me to my inevitable death. Ha. I’m totally joking about that, guys. Although to tell ya straight, buddy, we all really do die.

But placing my frightening sense of humor aside, I just want to get back to writing again.  I used to have this blog on WordPress but it became this extremely formulated platform that only had content written to make it seem like I was a really normal person living a really every day life. It was so boring and all I kept ranting about was Ed Sheeran and evil step-moms that nobody understood the context to anyway.

I want to start a new interwebz chapter of my life where I just tell all you folks about my life and all my misery.

This is mostly a platform for my tears and rants that are not about Ed Sheeran and evil step-moms this time.

If you are wondering how on earth I was able to decode the meaning of “fam”—  doesn’t my teenage daughter say that awful word too– it’s because yes, I am actually a millennial and I’m on your side about how bad these shortcuts are becoming. ☮

Disclaimer: I don’t really say fam. I just wanted to frustrate some people with that horrifying greeting.