attempt at editing my photography

For a week I’ve been a really useless bum so today I decided to edit some of my photos on Photoshop and I think my fruitless bum is producing for the first time.

Around February, I got to go to Art Fair Manila and I was able to take some shots of some spectators. Instead of  initially just planning to take pictures of the art works themselves, I found it more interesting to take pictures of the people viewing the art.

So this is my original photo without any editing or whatsoever.


And the photo below is the edited version of my photo.

white dude.jpg

I really like how there’s a way to highlight colors and create really magical vibes. Look at how the man’s nose is shining with a pinkish glow now. This bringing out of color really gives the photo life. It’s almost like the old man decided to take some kind of pill and saw more color in his life.

If you’re into editing photography, let me know if you think I over killed it with my editing. That would be really cool and appreciated.

Here are my other photos that have been edited as well!




I think I’m going to start editing my photos all the time now.