hey fam

Good day, my invisible friends, my readers (who are probably spambots who are looking for more site traffic on your virus inducing websites!), and some guy named Peter who probably had nothing better to do than search the tag “religious blog posts”.  Sorry, Peter, this is not actually a religious blog post and I just used that tag to create more traffic in my first blog post. No, I am not a spambot. I have a life (not really) and I am back on WordPress to write about my everyday and agonizing misery that will soon lead me to my inevitable death. Ha. I’m totally joking about that, guys. Although to tell ya straight, buddy, we all really do die.

But placing my frightening sense of humor aside, I just want to get back to writing again.  I used to have this blog on WordPress but it became this extremely formulated platform that only had content written to make it seem like I was a really normal person living a really every day life. It was so boring and all I kept ranting about was Ed Sheeran and evil step-moms that nobody understood the context to anyway.

I want to start a new interwebz chapter of my life where I just tell all you folks about my life and all my misery.

This is mostly a platform for my tears and rants that are not about Ed Sheeran and evil step-moms this time.

If you are wondering how on earth I was able to decode the meaning of “fam”—  doesn’t my teenage daughter say that awful word too– it’s because yes, I am actually a millennial and I’m on your side about how bad these shortcuts are becoming. ☮

Disclaimer: I don’t really say fam. I just wanted to frustrate some people with that horrifying greeting.